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February Already???

Hey, y'all!  We hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and start to their new year! I can't believe it's already February, even though January felt like it lasted forever!  I'd like to make a quick little post to let y'all know where Tina is going to be this year!  We have a lot of stuff planned and are looking forward to a great 2024!!! You all know that Tina and I started Friends of Judy Retreats with Sandra, and Sandra has now retired from being a CI.  We will certainly miss her at our retreats, but are happy that she still plans to visit us when we're in Quitman!  This year, we have two of our original retreats scheduled at Stitchin' Heaven in Quitman, TX.  We will be holding those events on June 26-30 and November 13-17 .  We are also headed to McQueeney June 5-9 to host a Technique of the Month retreat.  We're looking forward to heading down towards South Texas for that one!   Tina is going to be teaching at a few Stitchin' Heaven r