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Retreat Recipes: All the Soups!

 Now that the Christmas season is behind us, we are looking at two of the coldest months of the year, January and February.  What is better on a cold evening than curling up with a warm bowl of a hearty soup?  Not much!  At our last retreat, when the cold was just starting to tease us here in Texas, we kicked off the weekend with three delicious soups.   The first of the three was a Creamy Apple Butternut Squash soup that is sure to warm you right up! It's served with Crema Mexicana cream, adding a touch of something extra to the already yummy soup. The recipe is from The Suburban Soapbox and she has nailed this one!  It was a huge hit and I believe we didn't have much left over of this one. The other two recipes came from the same blog, Eating on a Dime.  I love this blog, they have a lot of great recipes that are pocketbook-friendly.  My personal favorite from our soup night was the Easy CrockPot Potato Soup .  I'm a sucker for potato soup and this one was a huge hit!